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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

MS BI vs Business Objects

In a recent opportunity I was competing agaist Business Objects. This brief white paper summarised basically how I wanted to position against BO at the business user stand point. It was also good that it came from a 3rd party so I could claim that it was someone else's opinion besides my own. Thank Symmetry Corp.

Currently working on positioning against features at a more ganular level. More on this later.


  • Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the link to the whitepaper. In case you're interested, I gave a shot at a comparison of SSAS cubes and BO universes.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:02 AM  

  • Very poor comparison of MS BI and Business Objects....clearly bias !
    You just need to take a Gartner study to see that Business Objects is positioned as a Leader, and Microsoft BI is clearly not positioned as a Leader !
    Even though Microsoft BI is an excellent cheap option for BI in some companies, it cannot yet be compared to Business Objects BI platform which has years of maturity both as Crystal Reporting tool and Business Objects Ad-Hoc reporting tool.
    It's like people comparing SQL Server and Oracle and saying the former is better. In which cases? Oracle remains the database of choice for large SAP implementations whereas SQL Server is an excellent database engine for non SAP Implementations. It's just a matter of scale and disaster recovery requirements. It's a matter of what companies need, what they can afford, etc...
    And i am talking today in 2008, but this was also valid in 2006 (also lots of integration has been done on the Business Objects XI Enterprise Platform).
    And i am talking as somebody who knows both Microsoft BI and Business Objects. Whereas this white paper was written by a Microsoft BI Gold Partner.....

    By Blogger Frederic, at 10:57 AM  

  • Frederic...I believe your talking points are much too general and biased as well. To say that SAP-BOE is a leader simply because they've acquired old components such as Crystal and Xcelsius does not convince me that BOE is a leader. Gartner also shows that SAP-BOE rates very poorly in terms of product functionality, ease of use and customer support. I've used both products as an analyst and I can tell you that BOE lags behind Microsoft and other products in the areas of ease of report design, large data query performance and data visualization.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:39 AM  

  • Now we are in 2010....and i believe my points are still valid....
    For an end-to-end Enterprise-Class BI tool SAP business objects BI is a clear leader. For a cost-effective, quick ROI, user-Excel-friendly BI platform then MS BI is great (and i am simplifying here).
    It depends what your target customers want and how much of an end-to-end BI platform they really need. In a lot of cases SAP Business Objects BI would be overkill in terms of implementation time, tuning and costs.
    However, SAP business Objects BI still leads in the areas of ETL (Data Integrator is much more mature DW ETL than SSIS is), Data Federation, Data Quality/Cleansing and Sampling, Semantic Layer/Ad-hoc reporting, etc...

    Microsoft has always relied on third party add-ons to enhance the lack of advanced functionality its platforms offer whereas SAP BOE - while it also has third parties addons to some extend - has a more internal growth strategy (both Crystal Reports and Universes/Webi are home grown products with very advanced features which are very mature).

    As for your comment about query performance i am not sure i understand. A BI environment performance lies as much on the database design and performance tuning, than in the report design. And SAP Business Objects doesn't have an DBMS in its product stack so its hard to compare the full stack.

    As for your comment about report design can you let us know which SAP BOE product you are comparing to which MS BI product. Because there are quite a few...

    By Blogger rascasse83, at 7:03 AM  

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